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Learning Trail / iPad Learning Trail Programme


  • Specially designed trail (in line with current school syllabus), which will be specially tailored based on the needs of your school and students.
  • Sharpens the thinking skills of your students by helping them relate concepts that they have learnt in school to real life situations that they will encounter.
  • Helps your students learn life skills which will help them meet future life challenges.
  • Encourages collaborative learning among your students and sustain their passion for the relevant subjects.
  • Option to inject iPad as a learning platform where the learning component is incorporated directly into the core game objectives and forms an integral part of the game play.
  • Shifts the focus of learning away from the raw and hard information that is being transmitted to the softer game objectives, thereby making learning fun, lowering the mental barriers and increasing information absorption


  • 1 facilitator : 20 students to ensure the smooth conduct of the Trail and the safety of students.
  • Setup of 4 to 6 stations at different venues (such as Changi Airport, Vivo City Mall, City Square Mall, Marina Barrage, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Botanic Gardens, bowling alleys, Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, etc.) focusing on different concepts.
  • Students working in groups of 3 to 4 and will be given a trail booklet/iPad to explore, find and solve the puzzles at the different stations.
  • Debrief provided where rationale for every station will be explained.
  • Transportation and food can be arranged.
  • Top winning groups of students with the best timing and the closest answers can be presented with attractive prizes.

After Programme Support

  • Digital Photographs
  • Feedback Report Analysis
  • A5 Booklet printout of answers and photos of work done by students or soft copies of students’ work (only for iPad trails)

For more information, please contact us.

Hands on Henna!
Students observing a model of the crest gates
Huddle - to do group work!
Say "cheese" bees!
Leveraging on technology
Students getting to work
in groups

Using the clinometer app to calculate height!
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