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Toy Making Workshop


  • The programme employs an investigative approach using dimensions of learning framework to aid students in learning Science.
  • Students will be taught to understand the elements of model making and will be guided on how to obtain the answers and given directions to that.
  • The objective is to engage the students and to encourage them to think critically instead of “spoon-feeding”.
  • Through fun and interesting activities with contents that are in line with the current school syllabus, our programme helps to improve students’ perceptions towards learning Science.
  • It is with these activities that will allow students to better remember their concepts learnt, using the idea of fun-learning. Students will also be taught various methods that they can use to critically evaluate their answers.
  • Students will be taught to use ordinary materials to make extraordinary toys!

Using elastic property of a balloon to propel the toy car forward
Putting the air-propelled car together with a friend using readily available household items


  • Helps students acquire, refine, extend and apply Scientific concepts that are in line with the school curriculum.
  • Application of simple scientific principles through hands-on learning experiences.
  • Shows innovation and creativity in the application of Science.
  • Transforms designs into 3-dimensional objects (Moving Designed Toys)
  • Guides students in creative and technical aspects of toy making in line with Scientific principles and based on the selected themes.
  • Students will create at least one original toy with Scientific principle(s) applied in its creation.

After programme support

  • Digital Photographs
  • Feedback Report Analysis

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