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Science Blast! Programme


  • Designed to stimulate students in terms of thinking skills and real-life applications so as to develop all-rounded individuals.
  • The carefully designed activities will help students hone their skills such in observing, comparing, classifying, communicating and analyzing, enable them to integrate the scientific concepts learnt and help them to see the interconnectedness between topics
  • Helps students acquire, refine, extend or apply Scientific concepts within and beyond the current school curriculum.
  • Develops students’ critical and creative thinking skills, in particular skills to plan investigations to test hypotheses for Science concepts.
  • Provides more opportunities for students to enrich and strengthen their process skills through scientific investigations and hands-on experiments, and enables students to acquire new techniques of analysing problems and constructing concise answers to questions.


  • Employs an investigative approach using dimensions of learning framework to aid students in learning Science.
  • Through fun and interesting activities with contents that are in line with the current school syllabus, the programme helps to improve students’ perceptions towards Science. It is with these hands-on activities that allow students to better remember and challenge the concepts learnt, using the idea of fun-learning. Students will also be taught various methods that they can use to critically evaluate their answers.
  • Students will understand the elements of a good experiment such as having a clear concept/question of what is being tested, using an appropriate set of control/s, keeping all variables constant except for the one being tested, understanding what are “independent” and “dependent” variables and how one can extend the findings of an experiment to new experiments or to applications. Students will be guided on how to obtain the answers and given directions to that.
  • Students will also acquire skills to become better equipped to answer exam questions.

After programme support

  • Digital Photographs
  • Feedback Report Analysis

Making Home-made Ice cream Part 1 - The folding!
Making Home-made Ice cream Part 2 - The wrapping!
Making Home-made Ice cream Part 3 - The shaking!

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