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The objective of our workshop series is to equip teachers with the necessary skills to identify students on their preferences with regard to setting goals and helping them achieve their best.

DISC for teachers
Teaching our children, and gaining education for ourselves as adults, is one of life's true gifts. "Power is Knowledge" is so pertinent today in this world of information and technology, and with so many changes taking place in our world. Imagine how powerful the education system could be if teachers knew how to

  1. recognise their own behaviours as specific to the four main DISC personality styles, and
  2. prepare lessons and speak in ways that will result in a less stressed out environment for students. In ‘DISC for teachers’, we help teachers identify which 4 main behavioural styles they are and how to maximise it to their own advantage.

How to establish clear goals for students to achieve better results?
Clear goals and objectives are essential to the success of any student, and this is no less true of building their own lives. If students do not take the time to get really clear about exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish, then they are likely not able to achieve their best; as compared to those who do. In the absence of a clear direction, they may either meander aimlessly or they may build a childhood that they do not feel good about.

This workshop aims to identify students on their preferences with regard to setting goals and helps individuals achieve their best. Skills will be taught as to how to manage a group of students with different personalities and traits.

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