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Logical Thinking Programme


  • Designed to help students strengthen their logical thinking and learn to solve challenging problems in a more interactive manner.
  • Helps students to understand the close relationship between Mathematics and logical thinking and structured to increase students’ interest in Mathematics and their confidence in solving challenging problems.


  • Programme starts off with an Instruction Quiz that focuses on the importance of following instructions and allows students to realise that every part/detail of a question has a role to play – they exist for a reason. This targets the common mistake made by students (neglecting details in questions and getting the wrong answers as a result).
  • Mathematics concepts are infused into magic tricks for fun learning while heuristics are used in deriving the solutions for these problems.
  • Students will be exposed to many hands-on manipulative and games during the programme.
  • Designed for Primary 4 (Higher Ability) to Lower Secondary students.

After programme support

  • Digital Photographs
  • Feedback Report Analysis
Visualising the answer with the help of coloured tiles
Working as a team to derive the correct answer

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